Minimum iGPU for basic CRT shaders up to N64 with hard sync 0 (or 1)?

My brother wants me to buy/setup a super small PC for him to play some old games on. Something like this size…

Obviously no room for a GPU heh.

I run something similar with an i5-3iforgetatm and it’s HD Graphics 2500 can do basic CRT shaders but starts to really choke at PS1/N64.

Does a cheap iGPU exist that can run a basic shader like zfast on N64 with hard sync on?

Any of the relatively recent integrated gfx will be fine for most shaders, and hard gpu sync should be completely dependent on CPU power.

The main issue with N64/PS1 and shaders is that increased internal resolution means the shaders have to apply to all of those pixels. That is, if you’re going to be putting a CRT shader onto one of them, you should run it at 1x resolution to maintain performance.

Been a while since i messed with n64 but i believe it ran fine with hard sync on until i added a shader. Pretty sure i run it all at 1x … i’ll have to test again.

I found a Dell 3060 MICRO with an i3-8100T for $220ish CAD. Think Intel UHD 630 would do the trick?

EDIT: Hope so… bought it. lol

Well, i tried a bunch of shaders again. The HD Graphics 2500 CAN do quite a few of the lighter resource CRT shaders just fine with hard sync 0 on. I prefer it at native res but it can even do some of them at very high resolutions (most look kinda weird tho).

Not sure what i was smoking last time i tried, heh.

Intel UHD 630 should do just fine :slight_smile:

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