Mint 19.2: Retroarch Claims DOS games directories are empty

Hey guys! Anybody else unable to run DOS games?

How can I get RetroArch to start seeing my files again? This used to be fine on my old PC, but now on my new one that I just set up, this is what happens.

I figured it out, partly at least. It turns out that on Linux, one can now install cores straight from the Online Updater within RetroArch. I didn’t know that was possible now.

I installed all the cores from the UI, and now I can run any game I like through the “Launch Content” option.

However, if I try to run a game from a playlist, it says “couldn’t launch core”. So I guess now we have to install our cores twice? Once from the PPAs and once through the Online Updater?

Hi. There’s and old core path set, probably in the playlist but it could also be set as default.

Check the playlist .lpl files and your retroarch.cfg to check where it’s looking for cores.

The PPA cores are no longer being updated so don’t install them, use the ones from the online updater.

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Ahh, that did it. Thanks for your quick response! It’s really cool that cores can be installed from within RetroArch on Linux now.