MK2 arcade flawed touch-screen button mapping in MAME CORES

Hi everyone, Whenever I load MK2 arcade in any mame core like Mame Midway 2003 the buttons are off, when I press start it also presses one of the action buttons which results in choosing Liu Kang all the time! Even if it doesn’t happen other buttons are pressed together such as Dpad Up and Low punch which is noticeable only during character selecting, the Start button gets even weirder, by pressing start it actually presses Start + HK + LP I think that HP button doesn’t even execute a High punch! Here’s a screen record of how the Start button behaves during actuall gameplay.

This has been a chronic problem for me even in previous retroarch versions, I’ve tried remapping buttons but it doesn’t solve the problem.

I never knew that core was pushed to the buildbot, not sure how complete it’s supposed to be, afaik it was quickly abandoned after being created 4 years ago.

I know FBNeo is supposed to run properly on android, not sure for the MAME cores but i would believe MAME2003-plus to be ok.

I have the same problem withMame 2003 plus! Other cores work just fine the has to be a problem with mame cores in general. FBneo doesn’t have this flaw but its too slow to be playable, FBA 2012 doesn’t even load anything even when I load fba 2012 romset.

Yeah, since FBNeo doesn’t have the mk2 gfx issues present in older MAME, the requirements are higher, a recent-ish mid-end android device is probably required.

There is no mk2 romset for fba2012, the game wasn’t supported 9 years ago.

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