MME4CRT (CRTSwitchRes) support forum


Hi all,

I’m just announcing a new forum for CRTSwitchRes. As a lot of the information is mixed up over many different threads and it’s hard to find the information you are looking for. I thought it would be nice to have a central place for all issue, knowledge base general support, general discussion and even request.

Not only will you get support from myself and the team. You’ll all be able to help each other. Good old community driven support.

All updates will be announced here first with news, downloads and guides. Sometimes it will take a while for MME4CRT to be merged into mainstream RetroArch. Whether that be myself taking time to submit it or just the libretro team having a lot to do.

Please feel free to come along and join in and support MME4CRT.

It would also be nice if some of the Libretro team who enjoy CRTSwitchRes would join too :grin:. @hunterk



All new dynamic with now available for windows . Read about it here!


Beetle Saturn urn core that works correctly with CRT.

It was modified by the author. However, it was deemed not viable for LCD, As we know CRT is different and all the resolutions count.

Read about it and download here