More griping about the forum

This is cute and all so excuse my interruption, blame the site devs.

I’m trying to make a post to ask a question in the Retroarch Android section, but I can’t seem to make a post.

I went through the effort of making an account to get help because no one seems to have asked my question, or people aren’t aware there is an issue.

Are you telling me I have to go through some KGB “trust” program just get get an answer to a question?

Sure am.

Thanks to this system, we have no problem with spam. Under the previous system, I got literally thousands of spam posts per week. Now, you may not value my time (and why should you? you don’t even know me) but I do, and making new users spend a few minutes of their time saves me hours of time per week and, since I’m more than likely the person who’s going to be spending at least minutes of my time answering it (or at least investigating, even if I don’t come up with an answer), I think it’s a fair trade.


Well at least I can make a new post now. I care about your time as much as you care about mine! Making me waste time, I have already spent searching the internet for a solution, just to save you a few mouse clicks seems par for course to the kind of “help” you get on forums these days.

Thanks for wasting more of your time reading and moving my post! That does console me to some extent.

Change your nick to choosingbeggar3129