Most accurate Snes core?

I’m updating my Snes cores. I’m wondering which is the most accurate for a beefed up Windows PC machine? I’ve used “bsnes accuracy libretro.dll” but i don’t see that one anymore. I see “bsnes mercury accuracy libretro.dll” is that the same just a renamed or should i used just “bsnes libretro.dll” with it’s bigger 39MB file size? I also noticed the file size difference between the bsnes accuracy 5.1MB i have and bsnes mercury accuracy 2.5MB. bnes hd beta was very nice with HD mode 7 but hasn’t had an update since early this year i think. Any suggestion?

higan, which is basically bsnes accuracy renamed, should be the most accurate

Regular bsnes_libretro with the “fast” core options disabled should be as accurate as higan, but more up to date.

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@Awakened Thanks for the heads-up, i didn’t know current bsnes allowed to use any profile. Meaning there is probably not much point anymore in all those alternate bsnes flavors since i believe this core can also be the fastest version of bsnes out there :thinking:

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In bsnes_libretro is see two “fast” options (PPU Fast mode & DSP Fast mode) i’m guessing those are the options your suggesting to disable. Does anyone know what does the “Hotfix” option do or what game(s) it fixes? The bsnes_hd_beta did have widescreen hack that work very nicely, hope that option gets added.

Yes, “bsnes” is the most accurate core if you disable the “fast” core options. You only need to disable these options in few games though. Most games are emulated accurately without having to disable fast mode.

The bsnes2014 and bsnes-mercury cores are only really still useful for cheats and achievements. Higan core is indeed older than regular bsnes core and is otherwise identical (I think it may have a couple of core options that bsnes core does not…?) and bsnes-hd-beta is essentially identical to bsnes but with the addition of the widescreen hack stuff.

It’s worth noting, I think, that Snes9x-current and Mesen-S are both very good now, too, and you’d be hard-pressed to differentiate among any of these cores without running some very specific test ROMs. That is, commercial games (especially anything anyone actually wants to play) are indistinguishable from one core to another.

Yeah, I’m still using Mesen-S even though development has halted. It has support for the MMX3 Zero Project hack, which doesn’t work in bsnes, and is a much smaller core filesize wise. It’s a bit slower than bsnes with the fast options enabled, but much faster than it with them off. You do need to set RetroArch’s resample quality to Highest to get the best sound quality in it, while bsnes sounds about the same at the default Normal. The biggest difference I notice with snes9x is the sound is a little more “veiled” than bsnes or Mesen-S with highest quality resampling.

Also, the Mesen-S core on the buildbot has some mosaic regressions in stuff like the CT map screen and SM flying to Zebes sequence, so I have a core I compiled one commit before that.

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I still use SNES9X.

Is there any real Massive Reasons why you use something BSNES over SNEX9X?

If you are into accuracy and want 100% compatibility with known snes dumps, then yes. I also think bsnes is more complete, you have stuff like “super gameboy” support.

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What Games you would Notice the Difference.

Super Gameboy is a Good Thing that BSNES has

There is a snes9x incompatibility list at, i guess bsnes (with the fast settings off) won’t have those issues, there might be other snes9x issues that aren’t known.

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Thanks for that.

That Not Really a Huge List but used BSNES just for those Games then

Is the Brunnis lag fix for bsnes included in bsnes or is it only included in bsnes2014?

I remember some discussion about it back then for a core option and the lag fix NOT being included in Higan RA port at all. So if Higan has become bsnes now, is that lagfix still not included in bsnes_libretro.dll?

EDIT: so I found the comment on higan not having the lagfix here:

So my question remains whether it is still the case that current upstream bsnes doesn’t have the lagfix, and if so, where the last version of bsnes can be downloaded that included it? (From github I understand this core was renamed to bsnes2014, but I can’t seem to download it anywhere…)

Current bsnes is the same as snes9x and Mesen-S. No extra frame of lag.


I thought the colored dots in DOOM were fixed in SNES9X. It’s a pretty old issue i remember from the Pentium 4 days.

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