Mouse click on Android phones not detected

Hi there. I use a RetroArch with an Android Phone (Huawei P30Pro), which has a USB-C connector. I connect here an adapter through which I can connect phone to a physical mouse and to the HDMI TV (+ 2 bluetooth joypads).

Connecting mouse, a mouse pointer appears on Android desktop and I can use it, but inside Retroarch the mouse clicks are simply ignored. Is there something to do to make clicks be detected?

Thanks in advance

Oddly, Android usually reports keyboards and mice as gamepads, so that’s probably what it’s telling RetroArch is connected. With that in mind, if you can get to settings > input > port 1 controls (with another controller, perhaps?), you could probably map retropad B and A (‘cancel’ and ‘accept’, respectively) to mouse button 1 and mouse button 2.

I’m referring to the mouse used for the RetroArch UI (not for playing), are you too?