Mouse input - Macbook

Hi I’m on a MacBook Pro, Mojave 10.14.16 and was super excited to see 1.8.6 change log saying that the mouse input was fixed.

However trying both pUAE and ScummVM and going to Command -> Mouse Options -> Mouse Grab Toggle does not seem to work with the trackpad (note that left/right click has always worked, it’s the pointer which is the issue).

Maybe I’m using it wrong but could someone confirm if they were able to use the trackpad on a core OK? If not I will likely open an issue on github - I think the change is this one:

I thought I was going crazy, but I couldn’t get the mouse to work on 1.8.5 on Mame (latest core is .214 on MacOS) with something as simple as Tempest. The only button that worked was the primary mouse left click. Right click didn’t even work, and no movement directions worked either. So when I saw this I got excited, only to see it still doesn’t seem to work in 1.8.6! I’m also on Mojave 10.14.16.

Mame standalone works normally. I haven’t gotten around to testing other cores, though.

Looks like 1.8.7 fixed mouse input in MacOS, finally! For some reason, my right mouse button can’t be bound in Mame, though (I just bind it to another key and it’s fine for things like the bomb in Tempest). I have a Logitech MX Master mouse, so not sure if that’s related to the driver software or not.