Mouse lag in RA


Hi! I first noticed mouse lag when playing a point & click game on the DOSBox core. The cursor felt laggy in comparison to DOSBox standalone. I later realized that mouse lag is present in the UI as well. When I hit F11 the regular Windows cursor appears on top of RA’s cursor, and I can see that RA’s cursor is trailing behind Windows’ cursor.

Does mouse lag mean there’s input lag on controllers as well? How to fix it?

Things I’ve tried:

  • Disabling VSync
  • Setting sound latency to 512
  • Setting the sound driver to null
  • Switching to D3D11
  • Setting input driver to raw
  • Setting poll type to early

None of this helped. I’m on Windows 10.

Here is my config file.

Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:


Have you tried any of the options in the “Latency” group like Hard GPU sync, frame delay, etc?


Yes, Hard GPU sync is enabled with 3 frames and Frame delay is set as high as possible (10).


You want hard sync frames set to 0 for the least amount of lag.


I’ve set it to 0 but the mouse lag is still there.


I wonder if anyone has the same problem? Any idea how to reduce the mouse lag?