Movement of upstream RetroArch repo

I’ve moved RetroArch repo to libretro organization on GitHub: This is the new upstream.

I will step down as main maintainer for now on. It’s been a great 3 years, but my motivation to drive RetroArch forward is used up. I will mess around in my own branch with stuff I find interesting. Pull requests and issues on my branch will be ignored or redirected to main repo.

Thanks for doing a very good job maintaining RetroArch/SSNES these past three years, maister. You certainly have no greater admirer of the job you did than me.

I’ve taken on the job as ‘maintainer’ in maister’s absence but really - I will be fairly liberal and meancoot/ToadKing/clobber will have equal amounts of say on issues/direction to go in as far as I’m concerned. I don’t want this to be a project where one man pushes through his own ideas at all costs regardless of whether they are good ideas to begin with.

BTW maister - perhaps you could make it more clear that you are not abandoning the project entirely since I already had to respond to quite a few people like Hyllian who thought this would mean no further OpenGL/shader improvements originating from you.

Yes, I’m not totally quitting. The only parts which are still fairly interesting for me is the GL and shader stuff, so I’ll stick around for that.

I don’t give a crap about frontends and all that jazz, so I feel happy not having to think about that all the time. RetroArch is complete to me.

Also, Windows builds will no longer be done by me, this includes libretro builds. Someone would have to pick up on that. I can give access to my FTP where builds are hosted if someone’s willing to maintain that. It should be someone who uses Windows as their main system so that the builds are actually tested (I never did ;P).

Also, I will stop working on RetroArch-Phoenix. Hopefully someone will pick it up, rewrite it, or whatever, but I don’t have any reason to work on it anymore.

I think it’s better to kill off RetroArch Phoenix and totally rethink our entire frontend/GUI approach.

A GUI made in Phoenix is never going to feel ‘native enough’ anywhere we use it and so all it succeeds in doing is giving you a very bare-bones GUI that ends up appealing to nobody.

Really, I think now is the ideal time to step away from such byuuware and do something that at least satisfies the Windows/Mac/Linux crowd. Phoenix evidently isn’t good enough for either of these crowds judging by all the feedback we’ve gotten. I don’t know if that would mean writing something that would rival Phoenix (ie. some cross-platform way to create GUIs) or whether that means making a native GUI frontend per platform. But anything is better than the current Phoenix today I believe.

Perhaps a native WTL GUI for Windows - a native Qt GUI - a native GTK GUI - a native Cocoa GUI - that kind of thing. For consoles and mobiles we have always baked in the GUI parts from the start anyways so I see more overlap here happening with RetroArch mainline. I’m now trying to figure out how much of the iOS code we can reuse for OSX - so far I’m positive we can reuse a lot.

The Windows building stuff I could spread out to myself and hunterk/other willing parties perhaps. I pretty much do all releases/packaging/building anyways at this point.

Have you seen the GUI of PPSSPP it looks really great on all platforms it supports. I dont know what its built on but maybe it cound provide some inspiration?