Msu-1 games on shield tv android: no music, only action sound


Hi, I have a fullset of pré patched msu-game whitch works great on windows with the regular snes9x core. I try theses games on shield tv android with the same snes9x core but only have action sound without any music. Is there a partucular setting or else because we could see lots of youtube videos showing playing msu-1 games with music sucessfully on shield tv thanks for your help


so I discover the problem. by default I have enable run ahead feature and this create the no sound problem. if I turn off this feature the game run fine with enhanced music. run ahead feature seems incompatible with msu-1. will be any chance to fix it in the future because run ahead is a marvelous option. hope a dev could fix it thanks


apparently it works great on windows with run ahead option enable. so it’s an android version problem. hope someone could fix it thanks