Multi-Disc Support for various titles

Hey there,

I guess this is more of a request, though something I think it’s greatly important to be included in the newer versions of Retroarch is dual-disc / multi-disc support.

As currently we have Disc Append, however this doesn’t seem to be sufficient enough as once you progress to the second disc, you cannot save the game any longer, either in-game, or via RetroArch progress snapping, thus every time you wish to return to the game where you left off… you must load Disc 1, load the save close to the end of Disc 1, wait for the prompt to enter Disc 2, append the Disc 2. Then continue on… and to finish the game, you need to do a solid session of completing that run without stopping or you’ll lose all your progress.

Here’s a library of all the games that require 2 discs,

Command and Conquer, Final Fantasy, Oddworld: Abes Exoddus, Metal Gear Solid, and Heart of Darkness may be the more usual games played for Playstation 1.

I don’t know much coding so I’m extremely sorry if I’m slapping anyone in the face about this, I’m familiar with how things can function in the coding world but not strictly… so I am unsure. I just thought including more multi-disc support would bring a smile to a lot of RetroArch users.

Thank you so much for reading. It’s also great to see how is coming around nicely and soon 1.1! I’m still on so far as an iOS user.

P.S. The new forum is sick, I love it… much better layout and full screen.

You can just create a m3u file and be done with it


You can just create a m3u file and be done with it[/QUOTE]

Wait hold on, what? I’m confused, how would I go about doing this? You’ve got me a little excited, I read the wiki though I am a little unsure of how to go about it.

Forgive my desperosity, though would you be able to help me specifically with the game ‘Oddworld: Abe’s Exodus’? If I can figure out how to make this work, I’ll gladly make an extensive tutorial to help others about it.

Also thank you for the fast response Radius!

Open notepad, create a file with the cue sheets of the discs of your game


    Final Fantasy IX (USA) (Disc 1) (v1.1).cue 
    Final Fantasy IX (USA) (Disc 2) (v1.1).cue 
    Final Fantasy IX (USA) (Disc 3) (v1.1).cue 
    Final Fantasy IX (USA) (Disc 4) (v1.1).cue 

Save as final fantasy ix.m3u and load that instead of the cue sheet, it’s explained clearly on the wiki

I’m so sorry Radius, I’m a little forum illiterate, I did try finding it but I had difficulty. Thank you so much for the instructions, it’s clear and easy… I wish I could rep you.


I’m back after trying it out, it boots off of the .m3u file, however it still disallows me the ability to move on to the next area.

Here’s a video of what happens

Sorry it’s in German, just mute it so you can see how the prompt happens.

At 0:50 you’ll see Abe jump into a chute, where you then must insert the next disc via prompt.

When I do this, it still doesn’t work.

Can you confirm that this fixes your problem? I.E, can you save in disc 2 and return to that save?

It will save to a save named after the m3u, so yes that should fix any issues

Sadly no, it does not work for me. I renamed my old save to the now m3u file and it allowed me to load to the location I wanted to be in. Yet it didn’t allow me to proceed when Disc 2 prompt came up.

Would it be good if I submit my save file to see if you can replicate the issue and see the issue more clearly?

Anyone came up with an idea how to progress?

Possibly RetroArch 1.1?

It works fine here

I always renamed my save file with the second disc’s file name, when it happened to me…

Hi Radius, I didn’t see your reply before… ( I kind of gave up ) but you made it work? That makes no sense.

I’m using the iOS version just so you know… perhaps that’s why I can’t do it? I realise the PC version might be easier.

I don’t understand why you are having such difficulties unless the ios version really is difficient in some way which I doubt. You are telling retro arch to change the disk its using when it prompts for CD change in the game right?

I think it is different yes… :c I still cannot do it

I am sorry to necro this thread. I read the wiki and I did what it said, but I can’t get my .m3u file to boot a game

This is how I have the game images stored in their own folder within the directory. .evil dead\Evil Head HTTK D1.bin .evil dead\Evil Head HTTK D1.cue .evil dead\Evil Head HTTK D2.bin .evil dead\Evil Head HTTK D2.cue

and this is how I have the m3u file

.evil dead\Evil Dead HTTK D1.bin
.evil dead\Evil Dead HTTK D1.cue
.evil dead\Evil Dead HTTK D2.bin
.evil dead\Evil Dead HTTK D2.cue

how am I supposed to do this?

You only put the cue file in the m3u not the bin. You also just put the name of the file not the folder path.

not working, something broke my PS1 emulator in retroarch. Now even games that ran won’t run.

You’re going to need to give a little more information than that.

It’s almost certainly a BIOS issue; perhaps you accidentally reset your system/BIOS directory and now it can’t find it/them?

the core information says the bios files are present.