Multiple controllers not fully working on Android


Hello all,

I am new to the app, and I am having difficulty with my controllers. I have a Nexus 7, and I have tried using a NES, SNES, and Xbox 360 controller via USB with not a whole lot of success. The app seems to recognize some buttons, but others don’t do anything. I would think the Xbox 360 controller would plug and play, but the majority of the buttons have no function. Is there a way to manually configure the buttons? When I go to input settings, I cannot map any of the buttons. What am I doing wrong?


To setup manual button mapping, you need to turn off the autoconfiguration option first, then manual binds become available.


Found it, thanks! I was looking in the wrong place to map the controllers.



I have an android box (MX10) which runs perfect with Retroarch but was not able to configure 2 controllers.

  1. Open retroarch
  2. Connect both controls
  3. Map keys from each of them (controller1, then controller2)
  4. Quit
  5. Start the frontend
  6. For multiplayer games, controller 1 controls both players simultaneously and can’t see how to fix this.

and ideas?

Thanks! Alex.