Multiple controllers with the same "input_device" name?

I’ve been getting in to customizing my own autoconfig files for my controller collection. It’s really pretty awesome once you figure it out; but I’m having one big problem.

From what I can tell - and correct me if I’m wrong - RA uses the “input_device” name that a controller sends it in order to identify which .cfg file it uses, instead of the input_vendor_id/input_product_id, correct? The trouble is that I’ve got a few devices that use the same names. Particularly, the 8bitDo M30 and the 8BitDo Sn30 both use "Bluetooth Wireless Controller " when connecting in d input mode. What this means is that if I configure the M30 and save the profile, it works fine; but then if I configure the Sn30 and save IT, the M30 profile gets over-ridden.

Is there a way around this? I tried just renaming the config file, hoping it would still recognize it based on the unique combination of input_vendor_id/input_product_id, but no luck there. And there doesn’t APPEAR to be a way to change the “input_device” name, though I’m certainly eager to learn if there is.

Is there a solution to this issue?

Try commenting the input_device line and it should use vid/pid instead. It just stops looking at the other stuff if it gets an exact name match.

Try commenting the input_device line and it should use vid/pid instead. It just stops looking at the other stuff if it gets an exact name match.

It seemed like this was working, “Bluetooth Wireless Controller .cfg” to “8BitDo SN30.cfg”, commented out the inpu_device line, and when I loaded up RA, it did seem to recognize the device, as it used identified it as 8BitDo SN30, just like it says on the input_device_display_name.

But the buttons I had in the config did not line up with what appeared in RA; and even worse, when I tried changing a button in RA and saving it, it once again created a “Bluetooth Wireless Controller .cfg” file.

The name of the file shouldn’t matter, AFAIK, just the lines therein. If the buttons didn’t line up, it may have been loading some other config that also included the name.

If you’re going to be making your own profiles for everything anyway, you may want to just delete all of the profiles it comes with, since you can always get them back from the online updater.

Smart thinking, eliminate potential points of failure. So I cut and pasted all folders and configs from my autoconfig folder, and created on new dinput folder. As far as I connected the SN30, started RA, mapped the buttons, and saved the profile. Sure enough, it created a new profile named “Bluetooth Wireless Controller .cfg” in dinput folder. I closed RA, renamed that config file “8BitDo SN30.cfg” and changed the b button to 4 in the config.

When I re-started RA, it came up as “8BitDo Sn30 connected,” so it seems to have read that from the config…but the button mapping did not match the config. There’s absolutely no other config files in the autoconfig folder, so it’s gotta be pulling from the right one, it’s just not pulling the button mapping. And what’s worse, I tried mapping the buttons in RA, and it just re-created the “Bluetooth Wireless Controller .cfg” file. It’s so weird!

Updating from 1.9.0 to 1.9.2 appears to have solved my issue. Still odd, but as long as it’s working now, I’m happy.

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