Mupen64plus fullscreen resolution wont stay changed

Hi. Im using crt emudriver with crt switchrswitchres un windows 8.1 and I have problems with this core. My problem is that i want to run it in 320x240 but it always starts up at 640x480, and its a chore having to change it every time i boot an n64 ROM. How do i make this permanent? Saving retroarch’s cfg after changing the video res to 320x240 does nothing.

If it’s a core option, it should save automatically, as long as you exit cleanly (i.e., don’t kill the process and don’t crash on exit). If it’s not appearing in the core options properly, you could try adding it manually. However, if you’re using a CRT, you’re probably better off using ParaLLEl-N64 with threaded Angrylion plugin, which outputs native res.

How do I add it manually?

Edit: im having more issues. Mupen64plus wont switch to full screen now. It stays running and it “sounds” but i cant alt tab it or anything. Odd af.

I installed the super resolutions following a tutorial from cdcruze and all other emulators do work fine so its something with this one. I want to use mupen64plus because it runs better on my machine than parallel (parallel has horrible stuttery frame rate. Parallel has less input lag but i prefer a smooth framerate).

Edit 2: Parallel seems to do this too. I think I figured out the problem. These 2 Cores have problems switching from 640480 to 2560240 (when I set the desktop vídeo resolution to any super resolution before running retroarch, then i run it and the Cores, it works.

For some retarded reason the cores switch to 640*480 and then 2560 in between running retroarch and the core itself, which breaks my video. Any way to fix this?