Mupen64Plus-Next core crashes on startup

Hi all. I can’t seem to figure out what the issue is and how to solve it. When I’m switching RDP and RSP plugins to ParaLLEl Mupen64 starts to crash on startup. The issue seems to be RDP plugin related, since changing it back to GlideN64 in the retroarch-core-options.cfg fixes the issue. From what I could gather from the log, the problem lies in this line - mupen64plus: libretro frontend doesn’t have Vulkan support. Which is rather strange, since I’m using the gl driver. Link to the log: I’ll be really thankful for any advice on the matter.

Yes, that appears to be the issue, but OpenGL and Vulkan are not related (though they are developed by the same Kronos Group), so using GL does not imply compatibility with Vulkan. How did you install RetroArch? Are you on Windows 10?

I’m using Windows 10 x64 and installed RetroArch through an installer, though it’s an old version by now - 1.7.8. But since cg shaders are pretty important to me, I would rather not switch to a current version for as long as possible (or at least as long as Analog Shader Pack isn’t ported in some capacity).

Prodded some more, and when changing the driver to Vulkan, Mupen also crashes but with a message this time - “This core is not compatible with the current video driver”. Also, changing the RDP to ParaLLEl when the game is running seems to work fine even after restarting the game. Closing the content and trying to run the game again, though, leads to the same issue.

Yeah, you’ll have to do it like this: load the N64 core+content with GL+GLideN64, go into the core options and switch to ParaLLEl-RDP. Close content (and the core), go to settings > driver and change your video driver to vulkan. Close RetroArch. Reopen it. Then load the N64 core+content again.

Did just that, but after changing to Vulkan, relaunching RetroArch and loading the core+content it still gives me the “This core is not compatible with the current video driver”.


EDIT: Tried doing the same (switching the RDP to Parallel, closing the content+core, changing the driver to Vulkan, restarting RetroArch), but with ParaLLEl N64 core. And the result seems to be the same (this time RetroArch itself crashes, though). So it’s most likely not core related.

hmm, do other cores work for you with the vulkan driver?

Did a quick test with all the cores I have. And apart from Mupen64 and PraLLel N64. Citra, DeSmuMe, PPSSPP and pcsx2_libretro aren’t working when using vulkan. Though, in the case of pcsx2, it only works with glcore for me. And mgba, gambatte, snes9x, MS/GG/MD/CD (Genesis Plus GX), Beetle PCE, Beetle Saturn and Beetle PSX HW seem to be working fine with the vulkan driver.

Also, I’ve downloaded the latest version of RetroArch. And it looks like this issue with Mupen64 isn’t present there. So it’s most likely due to the outdated RA build that I’m using. I guess, it’s time to check out what slang crt shaders there are nowadays and finally make the switch to the current build.