Mupen64plus_next cores choice for shield tv

Hi, I don’t remenber the best mupen64plus next core choice for shield tv android between normal, gles2 or gles3 core ? Could you please help me to choose the best for optimal results Thanks

IIRC, it’s either the gles2 or gles3 build, but one of them is badly broken IIRC, with crazy graphical glitches. It should be pretty obvious once you load them up :slight_smile:

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Ok thanks for your advice Regards

I use gles3 and runs acuarate and a full 60fps most of the times, that using 16:9 and full HD (1080p) and x8 anti aliasing mario 64 look like an actual game if there wasnt for the low polygon and som low res sprites on my shield pro 2019. Only game i tried, with almost any config.and option is battle for naboo, it onlly drops to 45fps even with all that gpu/cpu consuming picture enacments options, but even at native resolution and all the oposit tipe of config every time it drops a cople of frames from 60 even at 55 the vide frezes a bit but the sound is gliching cracking and cuting all the time, totally unplayable anything avove 30fps soud be pmayable other n64 roms sometime drop fps to 50 or even les but there is almost no notieciable side efects. I tryed paralei but runs at half the framerate orrible picture bibration an the same if not worse freezes in video and cuts and crack in audio but still should be playable cuz even at 1080p never drops below 30fps wich was the original hrz on ntsc systems…