Mupen64Plus OpenGL graphics problems after updating RetroArch

Greetings, This is only happening now, after updating Retroarch. I launch Golden Eye, for example, and only appears a black screen and a white line, then the opening starts and only the white spotlight and James Bond’s shadow is visible. With Super Mario 64, the screen is completely black. The sound plays normally, though. I turned off the shaders and it still happens, so nothing to do with that.

Only ParaLLEI core is working, but that one is not as good.

Goldeneye is working ok for me. Just minor graphical glitches here and there. I’m using the onboard Intel GPU on my i5-10600k.

Try deleting your core options file and deleting the mupen directory under the system folder. I think I had issues you are experiencing when upgrading from an old version and doing that fixed them. Also, download the latest core and core info files if you haven’t done so.

I disabled MSAA in core options and got more things showing up, but still in Super Mario 64, the logo at the beginning doesn’t appear and neither do character models.