Mupen64PlusFZ has better performance?

These are mupen64plus credits dated April 26, 2015: among the many data is the inclusion of “Frameskip” on line 113. Can you add this option to the mupen64plus-libretro-nx, please?

Mupen64Plus 2.5 credits April 26th, 2015
- video-glide64mk2:
- bugfix: use memmove() instead of memcpy() for overlapping buffers
- core:
- refactor profiling: move from r4300 to main folder
- major r4300 cpu core refactoring to improve code quality and organization
- rsp-hle:
- Game-specific fixes: Bottom of the 9th, Goldeneye
- Support for MusyX microcodes (v1 and v2)
- Huge quantity of code cleanup and refactorings in audio microcode and processing logic
- Improve audio microcode identification
- Add support for additional audio commands: #16, POLEF, RESAMPLE_ZOH
- Move global variables into a struct so code is re-entrant
- bugfix: microcode detection could sometimes fail after reset
Conchur Navid
- All Modules (audio, core, input, rsp-hle, ui-console, video-rice)
- C header includes and forward declarations clean-ups
- core:
- fixes for minor issues revealed by coverity static analysis
- input:
- support for new SDL2 generic XInput device name
- video-rice:
- build fixes
- All Modules (audio, core, input, rsp-hle, ui-console, video-glide64mk2, video-rice)
- fix all line endings, convert SCM metadata files from Hg to Git
- core:
- pif_ram fix for Banjo Tooie
- SDL2 fixes
- game-specific override for # of clock cycles per cpu instruction
- input:
- convert SDL2 keycodes to sdl1.2 keysyms so that input section parameters in mupen64plus.cfg will work with sdl1.2 keysyms
- SDL2: support for mapping mouse to controller analog x/y
- use prioritization to decide among multiple matching auto-config sections (for SDL2 / XInput)
- rsp-hle:
- Huge quantity of code cleanups and refactoring to improve organization
- video-glide64mk2
- fix colors in compressed fxt1 textures by importing mesa code
- replace patented S3TC algorithm with S2TC
- Enable the dump_cache to allow loading of dat files
- bugfix: work around problem in OSD callback whereby core code doesn’t re-activate shader
- bugfix: Resident Evil II hang
- allow user override of game-specific settings via mupen64plus.cfg
- All Modules (audio, core, input, rsp-hle, ui-console, video-glide64mk2, video-rice)
- Travis CI config file
- core:
- OpenGL ES support
- wiki documentation fixes
- input:
- fix SDL2 build regression
- video-glide64mk2:
- remove unused #ifdef sections
- various build fixes
- video-rice:
- fix for INI file loading under Windows
- minor OpenGL ES fixes
- All Modules (audio, core, input, rsp-hle, ui-console, video-glide64mk2, video-rice)
- MSVC2010 project file
- core:
- new_dynarec: fixes for various MIPS instructions
- new_dynarec: port asm code to Intel format, add MSVC build support
- video-rice:
- OpenGL ES fixes
- Add hack-fix to show last heart and map arrows in Zelda OoT & MM
- Support screenshots with OpenGL ES
- core:
- raspberry pi fixes and build system improvements
- input:
- auto-configs for multiple devices
- video-rice:
- makefile build support for Raspberry Pi
- OpenGL ES build fixes
- rsp-hle:
- Implement IIR filter for nAudio (for Conker’s Bad Fur Day)
- audio:
- implement audioresource support for integration with Linux-based Nemo Mobile OS
- core:
- add render callback to input plugin
- video-glide64mk2:
- add OpenGL ES support (2.0) (from mupen64plus-ae)
- bugfix: chroma_color uniform variable name was not being set (from Themaister)
- video-rice:
- integrate OpenGL ES code into build system
- support Rotate option in OpenGL ES
- android makefile and project history (for: audio, core, rsp-hle)
- core:
- fix config parameter name for savestate slot
- fixes to MD5 values in mupen64plus.ini
- ui-console:
- compile-time flag to support building ui-console as a library (used by Android frontend)
- video-glide64mk2:
- add config option to force polygon offset values (fixes artifacts on certains games / renderers)
- **

Implement optional frameskip feature, which drops frames instead of rendering if game is going slow|

||- video-rice:|

||- Android build fix| ||- opengl es minor fixes and cleanups| ||- add config option to force polygon offset values (fixes artifacts on certains games / renderers)| ||| ||Narann| ||- core:| ||- implement ConfigSetParameterHelp| ||- ui-console:| ||- add support for loading savestate immediately on emulator startup| ||- video-rice:| ||- Lots of code cleanup, removal of deprecated code, and simplifications| ||- Add config parameter versioning| ||- Modernize OpenGL interfaces, remove code for supporting very old opengl versions| ||- Graphics fixes for: fog, RDP InsertMatrix| ||| ||Nebuleon| ||- simplify makefiles (for: audio, input)| ||- core:| ||- floating-point optimizations (don’t set rounding modes when not needed)| ||- compatibility fixes regarding FPU rounding modes| ||- decouple pure interpreter from cached interpreter| ||- use stdint.h types| ||| ||Paulscode| ||- core:| ||- fix bug in speed limiter| ||| ||Richard42| ||- All Modules (audio, core, input, rsp-hle, ui-console, video-glide64mk2, video-rice)| ||- Visual Studio 2013 project/solution files| ||- fix and maintain OSX builds| ||- core:| ||- regression test improvements| ||- input:| ||- merge new auto-configurations from users| ||- When Mouse=True but pointer is un-grabbed, fall back to joystick settings for analog x/y| ||- video-glide64mk2:| ||- use SDL threads instead of C++11 threads, which are not currntly supported in Apple’s clang compiler| ||- fix texture pack read failure on some 64-bit platforms, found by EndoplasmaticReticulum on github| ||- bugfix: memory bugs found by coverity in fxt1 code| ||| ||ricrpi| ||- core:| ||- rewrite speed limiter code to improve performance on Raspberry Pi| ||- ARM build fixes and optimizations| ||| ||rlabrecque| ||- video-glide64mk2:| ||- on Win32, don’t set gamma table because it breaks monitor calibration| ||- video-rice:| ||- bugfix: crash if RiceVideoLinux.ini not found| ||| ||s-verma| ||- input:| ||- Prevent mouse/trackpad auto-centering behavior by pressing left-Windows key| ||| ||twinaphex| ||- glide64mk2:| ||- Fix broken C version of MulMatricesC| ||- correct N64 ROM header analysis for PAL/NTSC detection, to get proper frequency for frame skipper| ||| ||Ursula Abendroth| ||- All Modules (audio, core, input, rsp-hle, ui-console, video-glide64mk2, video-rice)| ||- makefile: use SDL2 by default if present| ||- video-glide64mk2:| ||- patch to clean up antialiasing patches from willrandship| ||| ||willrandship| ||- video-glide64mk2:| ||- add option to enable full-scene antialiasing| ||| ||wnayes| ||- core:| ||- code cleanups in debugger| ||