My none in depth test of PCSX2 Nightly Build

Well, PCSX2 is by far the only emulator which u can run PS2 games on a PC, i mean it’s a decent emulator, it even have a core in RetroArch, but, honestly 1.6 which is still the most stable version, is just becoming fairly old, some of the games are still either unplayeble or run with Glitches and bugs, for example i still have no success playing Call Of Duty 2 on this emulator, however the good portion of this version is, well, i can have Pressure Sensitive buttons by applying a custom plugin and using a PS3 controller and, it also works with my fairly old Core i7 3770k PC which is i guess 10 years old by now i’ve recently tested the latest v1.7.3662 build from their official website, it did have some improvments such as being able to use Vulkun as an option to render instead of relying on Direct3D and, the seccond good part was, well, i was able to run Call Of Duty 2 on it, although it still had visual glitches on the ground which was noticable at first level while i was running all the way through the half bombed buildings, which, i hope would get addressed in future development builds but, .at last, it was finally there for me and, that was something which made me a bit happy However, this version requires a fairly new PC which must be 8th gen or higher and a fairly good amount of ram speed and GPU, although i’ve also downloaded the SSE4 version so it can run on my old 3770 Core i7 PC, it honestly couldn’t perform well, eventhough that i had a fairly good GPU in it, an MSI RX560 which have 4GB of GDDR5 Ram which is fairly decent to use emulators but, it doesn’t run well, so i tested it on my newer PC which is not new it’s a Ryzen 3600 with an RX580 but it can do well on emulators.

So, yeah i mean, if u want to use this emulator, be advised that u can’t use it with decent amount of speed in an old Computer which you’ve built years ago and dedicated it to run old console games with and, it requires good speed of ram, a fairly new CPU and GPU And, one more thing was, although the Controller setup section was decent and the interface was newer, i still couldn’t find a way to use pressure sensitive buttons which is requires for Silent Hill 2 and MGS Games and, yeah as i said, it’s still not without it’s issues

The only emulator i was impressed with was ParaLLEl for N64 by Libretro team which, it’s a fairly new emulator which can upscale and run games the best way possible despite that i’ve also upscaled the games to 1080p, it also runs fairly decent on my old PC which, the new dev version of PCSX2 couldn’t, despite it also had a version for old CPUs

However, one thing i’ve forgot to mention was, i, upscaled the screen to 1080p in both PCs that i’ve tested so, maybe that was the reason that my old PC couldn’t catch up to run COD 2 Smoothly, i don’t know but it simply wasn’t a good deal for my old PC, so, yeah. and despite i was finally happy to be able to run COD 2 in an emulator, the visual glitches was still there so, yeah that’s also something to mention