My playlist disappear, help me please

Hello family, I have a problem and I can not find a solution and I would like to see if someone has any suggestions because I can not find anything. I use Retroarch in Psvita and the playlist fails me. I have generated the lists with RetroArch Playlist Buddy and all good, all the roms in place, all perfect. But when I use a game, for example, it lists it from snes, it disappears from the L to the end of the list, as if the games were deleted. So far it has happened to me with Nes and Snes, both in the first game called Legend. I tried to generate the playlist by scanning with retroarch but it does not add many roms. I also tried to make two playlist of for example snes, one from A to L and one from L to the end, and when executing a game from the second list, it remains blank, without games. Any suggestions? I do not know what to do.

I don’t know if it will help you but you never know, it’s easy to use. ctrl + a in your specific roms folders and drag content, same with playlist.You can edit playlist too.

I will look at it, I do not understand what ctrl +, what is it?

oh I meant press Ctrl and A on the keyboard to select all files in your folder

but I’m using the psvita, it has no ctrl

whoops i assumed too fast that you might have a pc to export the playlist on psvita, in this case will have to find another tip haha ​​my apologies. Edit : you sure you cannot click browse content with your psvita in the link that i posted ? Or click import content ? Edit 2 : if really nothing is working maybe try your luck in the Sony Retroarch consoles section for better suggestions :crossed_fingers:

ok thank you, I will try to do what you tell me to see if I succeed in any way