N64 controller issue

well i bought myself a USB n64 controller of eBay and for some reason retroarch picks it up as a Super Nintendo controller so cant map it properly. Anything I can do to fix it like as I would love to play n64 games again and remember the past. Here is a link to the controller if anyone can help will really appreciate it. I been pulling my hair out and loosing my sanity trying sort out for 4 days now,

If it thinks it’s an SNES controller, it’s probably one of the reproductions that uses the same VID/PID for multiple controllers. There should still be an N64 autoconfig in your autoconfig directory, but you’ll need to uncomment the VID/PID from it and comment them on the SNES one and it will start using it instead.

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how can i do that bro thanks so much for replying

can someone help please :frowning: as @hunterk put me in right initiative but i am lost sadly :frowning:if someone could teamviewer would be amazing

Assuming you’re using Windows, look into your autoconfig directory and then look in xinput. Look for the SNES controller it keeps using and just delete it. Then, look for the N64 controller you actually have and open that file with a text editor. You’ll see some lines with hashtag/pound signs in front of them (this makes those lines inactive). Delete the ones in front of input_vendor_id and input_product_id and then save the file.

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i dont know the brand of this controller. but the retrolink is closest to it :frowning: sorry that link to it and yes i am using windows

You’ll just have to do some trial-and-error, then, with the n64 autoconfigs and find the one you have.

if it not there what can i do :frowning:

If it’s not there, you can make your own autoconfig profile in settings > input > user 1 input binds. default all > bind all > save autoconfig > default all again, then exit retroarch and reopen it and the controller should be recognized.

how i go about doing that buddy i genuinely. It not letting me assign all the buttons like. I do not understand what I doing wrong like :frowning: is it possible you can help me through teamviewer thanks so much for your help

no, i don’t do remote support, only forums.

the main thing i stuck on is that i cant select all the buttons and whenever i plugin controller the old config appears so i not sure what i doing wrong

If you don’t want to find the profile that it’s using (the SNES one) and delete just it, you can delete all of the autoconfig profiles (you can always re-download them from the online updater if you want them back later), or just move them somewhere else.

Ok but do I use second analogue like c buttons and how I use a if you understand me that’s what I stuck on

You can look at some of the existing autoconfigs to see how they did it, like this one:

By default, the cores map the C buttons to the right analog directions. This autoconfig I linked also uses a nice little trick to make navigating the RetroArch menus more functional: map both retropad Y and retropad A to N64 B and retropad B to N64 A. (I know that doesn’t make much sense at first, but just trust me :P)

retropad L2 is N64 Z and retropad R2 is unused (as are L3 and R3).

i got it to work but fpr games like goldeneye the analogue is not great. can you edit the dead zone or calibrate the analogue

Not in the autoconfig, but in settings > input, look for Analog Deadzone and Analog Sensitivity.

ok will try any recommendations for what set it too and also where can i download rempas or is it for controller specific

remaps are just your own changes to the core-to-gamepad mapping. They’re just for personal preferences. I rarely use them.

ah ok i though they designed by retroarch too. What controller do you use for n64 emulation. Thanks