N64 Controller Mapping Error

Hi everyone, I’ve been using RetroArch for about 6 months now on my Ubuntu laptop and love it. I’ve been able to figure out all the issues I’ve had until now and hoping someone here can help.

I have been playing some N64 games using the ParaLLEl core, and the controller I’m using is a Hyperkin Admiral (wireless N64 controller). It is detected appropriately when connected to my laptop and the controller button mappings are correctly loaded. However, when running an N64 game using ParaLLEl, the button mappings somehow get mixed up.

I was able to fix the majority of the issues and save a core remap file - for example, the A and B buttons were reversed but I was able to fix that by creating the core remap file. The one item that I am unable to fix completely is the left analog stick.

When all the buttons are mapped correctly in the remap file, the left analog stick only works in the diagonal directions (up, down, left and right do nothing). I have played around with the analog sensitivity and dead zone settings to no avail, but very possible that’s where the problem is.

I did discover one semi-solution through trying various button mappings. If I set the “Analog to Digital Type” to “Left” and then map the d-pad buttons to the left analog controls (X+,X-, Y+, Y-), the left analog stick magically works. However, it now functions as a “digital” stick and the d-pad becomes duplicative. I experience the same issues and fix with Mupen64Plus so it isn’t core specific.

Any thoughts on how to fix? I’m at the point where I might buy a new controller in the hopes it’s a controller device issue (vs. something that can be fixed within RetroArch settings). Happy to provide any other relevant info.

Following up, I’ve continued to troubleshoot with no luck.

I tested another controller, and it has the same issues (left analog only works in all directions if set to digital AND d-pad buttons are set to be the same as the left analog controls).

I tried the Mupen64Plus stand-alone emulator outside of RetroArch, and the controller works correctly in it. So, I at least know it’s a RetroArch specific issue.

I then tried all the different Controller drivers to see if it was a driver issue, and unfortunately that didn’t fix anything. My final attempt was to explicitly map each button in my core remap file but once again, was unsuccessful in fixing the issue.

I’m at a loss as to how to further troubleshoot. Does anyone have any ideas or experienced this controller mapping issue before? Happy to share any additional info that’d be helpful.