N64 cores configurations needed


Hi! I’m having few issues on running some n64 games. I installed mupen64plus and parellel64.

These are the games that giving me issues either with mupen and parallel:

  • 1080 snowboarding (intro is a little stuttering)
  • Conkers bad fur day (not really smooth)
  • NBA Hangtime (pretty slow)
  • Star Wars Rougue Squadron (not even starting)

Do you have any configuration to suggest me to solve these issues?



There’s… kind of a lot of variance here, so it’s hard to nail down precisely. What are your current core-options in ParaLLEl? (I don’t touch mupen, personally.)

Rogue Squadron though, right out of the gate… “Good luck” lol Factor 5 games are notoriously hard to emulate. Those devs were really something else. Still, if you set the RSP plugin to ‘cxd4’ and the GFX plugin to ‘angrylion’ it should boot up. It’s going to be pretty slow though. You honestly might be better off snagging the Gog.com PC version of the game if you’ve got the itch.

Aside from that I keep the default options as RSP = ‘hle’ and GFX = glide64. I have never played the N64 ver of Hang-Time (had it on genesis though lol) I know I’ve played around with conker in the last few months… but I’m doing so much Xbox stuff as well that I’m not sure if any of that was the N64 version…

1080 however, I never noticed any issue playing that one. If it’s being stuttery it could be an actual “video” setting, rather than a core setting. If worse comes to worst you can always enable “Threaded Video” in the video options… this brings a lot of speed - but I believe it deactivates other features. Not 100% on it - I only have to turn it on for DS stuff.


With RSP plugin to ‘cxd4’ and the GFX plugin to ‘angrylion’ Rogue Squadron starts, but it’s pretty slow.

I’m playing on a i7 quadcore laptop, so I’m pretty sure it’s not a hw issue. Is there any way to speed things up?


You can try using that threaded video function, as it usually brings the most speed boost. But, like I said, Factor 5’s games just aren’t emulated well. It’s the same for the Indiana Jones one they made on N64 and both Rogue Squadrons on Gamecube.

I would bet money that Reign on PS3 is having the same kinds of issues on RPCS3 as well.


ok. it seems rogue squadron is not fully playable at all. no way to play decently NBA hangtime. 1080 snowboarding works better with LLE as RSP plugin. while Conkers bad fur day maybe is improvable but for now it works good enough.

what about killer instinct gold? i saw the gameplay on libretro youtube channel and it works really cool with angrylion, but with my pc doesnt’ work as the video shows


ok… setting LLE as rsp plugin makes killer instinct gold work perfectly (using dynamic_recompiler).