N64 emulator ps3 cfw


Hi guys

Does anyone know how the status is for n64 emulator on ps3? Really missing this one on os3. Rest I tried so far are working well. And is there a possibility that GameCube can join?

And another question I want to place my roms on the internal had of the ps3. Any pointers where to put them so I can scan them in when launching retroarch?



N64 and Gamecube can’t happen on PS3 because it doesn’t support OpenGL, which both cores depend on.


Ok to bad. But I’ve read somewhere that there was one in the works. N64


Parallel N64 con multiproceso Angrylion lanzado! 31 de octubre de 2017 Daniel De Matteis Originalmente teníamos la intención de lanzar esto junto con la nueva versión de RetroArch justo antes de fin de mes. Sin embargo, queremos tomarnos unos días más para asegurarnos de que el lanzamiento de RetroArch 1.6.8 sea sólido y de que no nos apresuremos a salir de las puertas en un estado prematuro. Le pedimos paciencia, no tardará mucho, un par de días como máximo. Mientras tanto, ¡tenemos el núcleo Parallel N64 con Angrylion multiproceso listo para funcionar!

Esta es una versiĂłn muy modificada del plugin Angrylion RDP Plus de ata4. Tiene las siguientes caracterĂ­sticas distintivas hasta ahora:

1 - Hizo un montĂłn de cambios para que el rendimiento en Linux / Mingw no sea tan malo como lo era anteriormente (aĂşn peor que Windows). 2 - No requiere OpenGL context 3.2, o OpenGL en absoluto. Es puramente un procesador de software que puede usar cualquier controlador de video de salida que desee en su frontend libretro. Entonces puede usar esto junto con OpenGL, Direct3D, Vulkan, etc.

El crédito va para mudlord, Brad Parker y AIO por ser capaces de hacer esto en tan poco tiempo. Ayudé en el camino también.


Any news on this? seen some videos of mupen64 solutions but no description how to… so does anyone have a solution on this? Even on my Raspberry I was able to play N64 games…


Yeah, even the original Xbox could play N64 games (to some extent). However, it isn’t the same thing. The OG Xbox was (as far as I’ve understood) quite easy to code for, mostly thanks to some DirectX SDK or something that some guy ported. I don’t think there is something like that for the PS3.


I tranlated the text that Hacker3337 posted from Spanish to English.

"Parallel N64 with multiprocess Angrylion released! October 31, 2017 Daniel De Matteis We originally intended to release this along with the new version of RetroArch just before the end of the month. However, we want to take a few more days to make sure that the release of RetroArch 1.6.8 is solid and that we do not rush out of doors in a premature state. We ask for your patience, it will not take long, a couple of days at the most. Meanwhile, we have the Parallel N64 core with Angrylion multiprocess ready to go!

This is a very modified version of the Angrylion RDP Plus plugin from ata4. It has the following distinctive characteristics until now:

1 - He made a lot of changes so that the performance in Linux / Mingw is not as bad as it was before (even worse than Windows). 2 - Does not require OpenGL context 3.2, or OpenGL at all. It is purely a software processor that can use any output video driver you want in your frontend libretro. Then you can use this together with OpenGL, Direct3D, Vulkan, etc.

The credit goes to mudlord, Brad Parker and AIO for being able to do this in such a short time. I helped on the road too."

Does any have the parallel n64 core for ps3? Im sure it will work to some degree, I can use the parallel core to run Super Mario 64 with no issue on a Galaxy S5, I imagine it would also work on a PS3. Would be awesome to just be able to play Super Mario 64 and Mario Cart 64.


While threaded angrylion is capable of full speed on very fast x86 machines, it won’t be even close on PS3, which is more comparable to a Pentium 3 800 mhz for general computing.

When you use ParaLLEl-N64 on your phone, it is using a GL-accelerated HLE gfx plugin.


oh okay, i thought when using parallel it used only CPU. Hopefully this gets some more progress to allow us to use the GPU http://www.psx-place.com/threads/hardware-acceleration-for-rsx-gpu-in-otheros-ps3-linux.17681/#comments