N64 Parallel-RDP fails in combination with CrtSwitchRes

When setting the RDP-plugin to Parallel-RDP and the RSP Plugin to Parallel, in both Mupen64Plus-Next and Parallel cores, games run just fine (and quick :slightly_smiling_face:). However, when CrtSwitchRes is turned on, regardless of Native, 1920 etc. is chosen, Retroarch crashes and the CRT monitor displays No Sync. Is this a bug, or are the RDP plugins not ready for CRTSwitchRes yet?

Does it work okay with Angrylion RDP and ParaLLEl-RSP?

Just tested and that works fine

Ok, so it’s ParaLLEl-RDP, specifically. I don’t really have any more suggestions for you at this point, but it’s something we can look into.

that would be really appreciated. I think PareLLEl-RDP performs much better than angrylion and in combination with a crt it’s awesome.