Namco Collections have no sound


When I tested the two volumes of Namco Classic Collections in MAME 2003, They work but without sound, and in the case of Volume 2, It gets a black screen when I load it.

Is there anything I’m missing, like any files? I heard of needing a specific file (NamcoD1) but when I got that, that didn’t do anything either no matter where I put it, and that doesn’t fix the black screens of Volume 2.


Namco collection 2 was added to mame around 2007, afaik. If that mame source code is based in 2003 era, its normal if dont work at all.


Oh i see, that could explain it.

Im guessing that using utilities like clmamepro wouldn’t work? Cause I tried that and it didn’t really work, but I also don’t know how that program works so im not sure If i just didn’t do it right (like rebuilding).

I’d use MAME2010 but that doesn’t seem to work, and it keeps Retroarch as a background process even if I close it, unless I end the task and delete the core, It also doesn’t load at all no matter what, I load the rom and it crashes entirely, and it opens RA as a BG process, so MAME2010 is out and the games are not supported by FBA