Native Save Not Working?

Hello! I’ve found a few threads on similar issues to this, but haven’t yet found a solution.

When I start up a game, in this specific case I’m trying to play Sonic Rivals, it starts by trying to set up auto-save. It then gives up and says there needs to be 256KB more space on the memory stick, and I need to delete data to make room, but if I try to delete data…there is no data. There’s nothing there. This is the first game I’ve tried playing, so obviously, there wouldn’t be any data to take up space. Since there’s no room on the emulated memory stick, and there’s no data to delete to make any room, it seems like native saving might just be out of the picture for me. Not a HUGE problem, since I can use save states, but generating a save state every so often is kind of annoying, so it would be nice if I could fix this issue.

TL;DR I’m unable to use in-game save features because Retroarch says there isn’t any room left in my Memory Stick, despite there being nothing in there.


Are other cores able to save? Does your ‘saves’ directory exist and does RetroArch have permission to write to it (i.e., is it somewhere like Program Files that needs elevated privileges?)

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You can ignore this message.

  • Start the game
  • Cancel the 256KB message by pressing [Circle]
  • Ingame go to "Options - Profiles" and press "Save Profile"
  • Exit the game

Next time you start the game it should tell you "Load Successful."

I think you don’t have the assets installed: