Need help from the CRT club


So I just scored a 19" Dell PC CRT monitor. Flat screen, 2004.

I’ve had several second-hand Dell monitors over the years and I think every single one had bad color.

On this one, it seems like every color temperature looks too blue, even the sRGB mode. I can only get a barely tolerable picture by maxing out all the color channels, which doesn’t seem right.

It seems like red in particular is much too weak. If I crank up red brightness and lower red contrast a bit, it sort of works, but it’s not great.

What’s the likely issue, here?

Additionally, there’s an occasional horizontal line that appears in the center of the screen for a split second, almost like a tear. This is accompanied by some rapid contracting(?)/expanding of the image that lasts for just a split second, like it’s having trouble maintaining a stable image size. What could cause this?

What do you think, is this one a dud?