Need help understanding per game controller remaps



Hi all,

I’m quite new to RetroArch(amazing software by the way!!) and i have problem understanding the per core/per game controller remaping

As per the RetroArch documentation it is said that you can remap the buttons on the controller on a per core or per game basis.

I have an xbox 360 controller and the autoconfig is working fine. I played games in the mame core and a nes core and all is working great. For some mame games id like to remap the buttons but if i press F1 during the game and go to the Controls option, the remaping of buttons doesn’t work. When i press enter nothing happens. On the other hand i can remap the buttons in settings/input…if i press enter i have a popup that tells me to press a button.

Am i missing something? Maybe the remap feature is not yet implemented even though it is documented?


That means the core doesn’t implement the controllers API.


Of the arcade emulator cores, only Final Burn Alpha and MAME 2003-Plus support remapping via the RetroArch Controls system. MAME 2003 supports it for digital controls only.

Frontend integration is one of the aspects to consider when choosing an arcade emulator core:


Just tried MAME 2003-plus and it works!! Thanks a lot!