Need help with Citra

Hi All,

Was hoping for some help running RA and Citra. I can run the ROMs fine from Citra standalone, I put the User folder with its 4 subfolders) in the Citra folder and everything works fine.

I am, however, unable to get it to run using RA. I get the same error: Fatal Error Ecountered: Mii Data. I have tried putting the user folder in various places: RA system folder, RA/Saves/Citra, the Roaming/Citra folder, but nothing seems to work, I get that error with every ROM.

Any suggestions?


If Citra-standalone has created the Mii Data, I think you can copy the Citra-standalone folders into the structure created by citra-libretro.

Well, where, exactly? I copied my entire Citra folder to Retroarch/System, and Retroarch/Saves/Citra, neither works. Where else can I put the folders to hopefully have RA recognize them?

‘saves’ is what I had in mind. If that’s not working, I guess you could try posting a log and see if it has anything else instructive in it.