Need help with creating a cheat code.



Hey all, Im totally new to RetroArch and how it works i tried looking for the solution and could not find it myself so sorry if their actually is a thread for this already which shows what to do.

little backstory: so im using retroarch on windows 10 64 bit version with a windows keyboard, and im having trouble with creating a cheat code for the Pokemon diamond game with the core Nintendo- DS (DeSmuME 2015).
So when i create a cheat code there is 2 options with the handler either Emulator or Retro Arch when i use the Emulator handler i cant edit/click the code to input my action replay/ game shark ( whatever is needed) code for it. And for the RetroArch handler i have no idea what to change ( like the value, memory address, type etc.) I have also tried manually going in files adding my own codes in a notepad form alongside the other Pokemon diamond cheat codes but doesn’t show up in game with all the other cheats. How/What am i supposed to do in order to create my own cheat code? Help would be appreciated


Not sure how good the PC Build is with creating Codes, but Codes created with RA Cheat Engine will be restricted with Addresses only having xxx#####. I tried Searching for Codes with the PSX Core, but could not do anything. So should only go for the Arcade, and older Game System Cores.

Basically, try to Start a Cheat Search. It will say “Successfully started cheat search”. Press Up until you see the “Add Numbered Amount Matches to Your List” . If it says 0, then the Cheat Search will NOT work for the current Core you are using. Load up a compatible Cheat File (.cht) to use. Pretty sure it will only accept GameShark or Action Replay type Code Formats. I have a pretty good Collection of Cheats I am loading up, so Users can find them easier. I forgot where I got the RA Cheat Collection .zip , which shows you how difficult it is to find.

I also included a kind of Noob Friendly (as best I could) Instruction, on how to find the FBA (Current Romset Build) Cheats. FBA2012 Cores will NOT work. Tried many times on many Roms. Cant get it to start. Even trying to Load a Cheat File will cause the App to Crash.


so im really clueless with this do you mind trying it out for yourself? im using nintendo ds ( Desmume 2015) playing the game pokemon diamond i want to get the legendary Pokemon Regigigas but in order for me to get them i need the following 3 pokemon Registeel, Regirock,Regiice. but those 3 pokemon arent in the game youd need a palpark for it thats why i just wanted to make my own code for regigigas instead of creating a code for getting all 3 and then get regigigas. So would you mind seeing if im able to create a code or not which would allow me to put gameshark/acton replay codes.? thanks again for the help.


What Game and Region? There are tons of Pokemon Games in the Cheat Collection for DS.


nintendo Ds ( DeSmuME 2015) im playing Pokemon Diamond (usa)


Apparently, there are 275 Codes for that Game.!rRMDxShD!MEeKOck_F704dtsThf8VD0IRrluP8zauJjn6PuT2ZAk


theres 723 on retroarch, so only 275 work codes work? cos the ones i need dont work


I think it depends on the Format. If it is a AR or GG/CB. Actually, we both are way off. Try around 25073 overt on CodeTwink�mon-diamond+version.html


thanks for the help bro i’ve found a way to create a code now


If you need any other info or help with this, let me know. Still kind of a Noob myself, but I am learning enough to get by. LOL


How you did it Mate?


I managed to figure out how to do GameCube Action Replay cheats. There is a folder that stores the file for Action Replay but its kind of hidden.

What I did is downloaded Dolphin, added the cheats using the real dolphin emulator (you do that by right clicking the game in your gamelist and going to properties). Went in the GameSettings folder for the actual Dolphin emulator and took that ini file that was created there.

I copied it into %AppData%\Roaming\RetroArch\saves\User\GameSettings.

Then I went into the dolphin.ini, there are several for some reason but the correct one is at %AppData%\Roaming\RetroArch\saves\User\Config. Inside that file you want to change “EnableCheats = False” to “EnableCheats = True”

And for any other game you can do the same thing for Action Replay codes.


Really need help