Need help with retropad setting in emuelec

I think I have some troubles with Retroarch controller on opensource handheld

I have a rgb20, which uses EmuElec and integrates Retroarch. I am more familiar with EmuElec, so I added a lot of EmuElec unofficial cores to the RetroArch on this rk3326 hardware. And after debugging, all these cores work, but the problem is that many core‘s controllers cannot work.


lr-theodore, Thomson MO/TO emulator. After running, the BIOS screen appears, all the buttons on the rgb20 are invalid, and I cannot enter the game.

The strange thing is the MESS core. Some system(such as FM Towns Marty) buttons on rgb20 are effective, while some systems are completely ineffective, such as Philips CD-I, which can only stop at the BIOS screen because the start button cannot be pressed. At the same time, all core in-game RA menus can be called out and used normally.

I have always been confused about emuelec+retroarch’s controller settings. The buttons can be set normally in the controller settings in the main menu of EmuElec, the in-game menu of RA works normally, enter the controller menu of RA, port 1 is also normally set in retropad, just like this.

But all the buttons have no effect in the game anyway.

I read the documentation of retropie

I think this problem may be that the RA core cannot recognize the input of the retropad. This problem is particularly prominent in the computer simulator. This issue has nothing to do with the hardware model, because I have tested it in OGA and rk2020, and the situation is the same. Can anyone tell me how to solve this problem?

So many thx for any help!

if you’re trying to do keyboard input, you would need to either attach a keyboard or, for some cores, you can go into the ‘controls’ menu and set the device type to ‘keyboard’ and assign buttons to make keyboard events in the core.

re: CDi, I think that’s been broken upstream in MAME for some time.

thanks for your replay…I don’t want use keyboard :joy: I just want map the key to the handheld’s buttons. RA 's autoconfig retropad don’t working in these core.

about CDi, many report said mess core for linux does work fine.