Need some help compiling RetroArch for Wii

My setup:

  • Windows PC
  • DevkitPro with “wii-dev” installed via pacman (current versions)
  • Git Bash

Steps taken:

  1. I cloned both retroarch and libretro-super (Git Bash)
  2. Fetched my wanted cores with (Git Bash)
  3. Built the above cores with (DevkitPro)
  4. Copied one of the above cores to the retroarch master folder and named it “libretro_wii.a”
  5. Ran this in DevkitPro: make -f Makefile.wii.salamander

I got some errors here relating to “nanosleep” and it failed to compile. I read that this is because an older devkitppc is needed, so I dropped version r29-1 into my current setup. The above command was successful after this and I got “retroarch-salamander_wii.dol”, which I renamed to “boot.dol” as instructed.

  1. Ran this: make -f Makefile.griffin platform=wii

I get tons of errors here and it fails to compile. I tried going back to the current devkitppc but no success there either.

So, do I need a different devkitppc, a different version of libogc or what? Thanks in advance for any suggestions. I understand that this can be difficult to set up since you can’t get older versions via pacman.