Neo Geo and CRT Switchres

Whenever I try to run a Neo Geo game like Metal Slug in native resolution (304x224), it streches the image to fill the screen and now the scrolling isn’t smooth, but a game like Magician Lord (320X224) runs just fine.

Any way to fix this?

You could try using a super-res or maybe another core. Are you using FBNeo?

Yes sir, I am. Its the only core I use for Neo Geo.

Can you see if MAME treats you any differently?

MAME doesn’t cut the overscan and run all neogeo games at 320x224 iirc, so if that’s some weird compatibility problem between the 304x224 resolution and switchres, and it seems to be since the 320X224 neogeo games run fine, MAME shouldn’t have this problem.