NeoGeo X Arcade Stick Question


Can the NeoGeo Arcade stick work with retroarch?

Probably. We don’t have any autoconfig profiles for it currently, though.

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Well, I guess I could give it a shot and just return it if it doesn’t work out. Thanks.

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idk about other OSes, but on linux it won’t work out of the box, some udev rule is needed to make it recognized as a controller (see


I saw the youtube video of someone doing that for this controller in order to get it configured with retro-pi. I’m not savvy on creating expressions or configuration files so if it doesn’t work when I get it in a few days I’ll just send it back. I’ll post whether it worked or not.

Just got it today and it worked. And just a reminder I’m running Retroarch on Mac in case anyone else has a similar setup and is worried about it working. :+1:

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