Nes control config

retroarch>odroid xu4>recalbox

Looking to adjust controller config per rom on nes. Found the quick menu–> controls–> And i know to save game remap file. However, unlike other cores there are no preset buttons on the right hand side just ‘—’. When I scroll down to a button to change it, nothing happens. As mentioned, when i go to this area within SNES, I’m able to scroll through buttons accordingly.

It’s a small thing, but there are a few games where I’d like to swap A and B.

Any advice would be great, thanks folks.

Which NES core are you using? It’s possible it doesn’t support the libretro feature that makes remapping possible, in which case you can switch to another core, such as FCEUmm, that does support it.

I’m struggling to see where I’d change it, but it says FCEUmm in the bottom left hand corner.

where it has the button assignment on the left and --- on the right. Go down there and press left/right to cycle through the core functions.

Tried that with multiple controllers too. Nothing changes. Only buttons that do anything there are ‘back’ and up and down.

Dunno what to tell you, then. I guess maybe try updating, though I can’t think of any time that it’s been that broken.

No worries, thanks for trying.