NES netplay 4-player options?

Hi! We’re trying to play Micro Mages 4-player over netplay. Trying to use the Fceumm core because that has worked well for two players and now we’re trying to break the 3-player barrier!

I’ve managed to get the game working locally with three players. I followed the instructions here,

and added a 5 port and in the game’s options set the set the device type of port 5 to “4-player Adapter”. I also had to change the port 3 device type from “Auto” to “gamepad”.

So that worked locally, after I mapped Port 3 binds to an unused part of the keyboard, just for testing.

It’s difficult to coordinate three or more people for testing, so I want to understand ahead of time how controller ports get mapped in netplay. Does the netplay server have to change the device type of ports 3 and 4 to “gamepad” instead of “auto” with the fceumm core? Do the hosts also have to do it? Does only one or the other?

If this is all easier with another NES core I’m all ears. Fceumm is just what has worked well until now. We had bad desynching issues with nestopia. Each player was seeing a completely different game.

FWIW, “NES 4Score” is zeroconf in FBNeo (it will always be enabled if the game supports it), and netplay support should be fine too.

NB : FBNeo’s nes emulation requests usage of romsets and subsystems (putting your rom inside a file inside a nes folder should actually be the fastest way to deal with this)

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