Nestopia core not loading Castlevania 2 Dracula II Noroi no Fuuin

Hello. Nestopia core have problem when loading FDS roms. The problem is when auto changing disk side. Dracula II - Noroi no Fuuin not load. Mesen load correctly Dracula II Noroi no Fuuin. I have reported that problem in nestopia core github, but not any reply. Only reporting. Thanks for read.

It might be a problem of dump compatibility. When we added fds support to FBNeo, we noticed some fds dumps available online were corrupt, and that some emulators were tuned specifically to read those corrupt dumps.

The dump have correct Nointro checksum Dracula II - Noroi no Fuuin (1987)(Konami)

Have anothers games having the same problem of not being automatically changed disk side. Mesen automatically change disk side without problems.

As i was mentioning, maybe nestopia is one of the fds emulators that expect the bad dumps ?

I’d recommend testing upstream standalone and reporting the issue on their tracker if it’s also happening there. I doubt reporting this on libretro forum/github is gonna be a big help.

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Tested using Nestopia standalone current version and Dracula II Noroi no Fuuin works. That Nestopia core problem happen since before 09-2021. I have posted in github nestopia core and not reply. Topic was ignored. Several FDS games with good dump correct Tosec and Nointro checksum having problems when changing the disk side. That’s a problem in Nestopia core.

Yes, i don’t think the nestopia core has an active maintainer.

Tested using Nestopia recent core. When showing the message to change disk side need press “change disk side” several times to work. Is how anything ignore several times the side b and after finally happen access to side b. That problem not happen in several previous versions.