Netplay Lobby Viewer Prototype

Now that -C/–connect is fixed, I’ll be releasing a prototype written for Python 3.7. The purpose of this prototype is to solve some shortcomings from both the built-in and web versions.

Optionally, you can pass an INI configuration file to it either by naming it “application name”.ini and placing it inside the same directory as the script, or by passing the path and name of the configuration as the first argument to the script.

Here is my configuration for reference:

Program = D:\RetroArch-Win64\retroarch.exe
Playlists = D:\RetroArch-Win64\playlists
Cores = D:\RetroArch-Win64\cores

MAX = 250

FinalBurn Neo v1.0.0.03 = fbneo_libretro.dll|FBNeo - Arcade Games|Arcade
Snes9x 1.60 = snes9x_libretro.dll|Nintendo - Super Nintendo Entertainment System|SNES
Snes9x 2010 1.52.4 = snes9x2010_libretro.dll|Nintendo - Super Nintendo Entertainment System|SNES
Supafaust 1.24.0 = mednafen_supafaust_libretro.dll|Nintendo - Super Nintendo Entertainment System|SNES
Genesis Plus GX v1.7.4 = genesis_plus_gx_libretro.dll|Sega - Mega Drive - Genesis|Mega Drive
PicoDrive 1.98 = picodrive_libretro.dll|Sega - Mega Drive - Genesis|Mega Drive

You can also filter rooms out by country via the ‘Countries’ section. Ex:

US = United States

A ‘MIN’ ping key is also available for the Ping section, although I see little use for it.

Currently it only supports IPv4, which is effectively all of RetroArch rooms at the moment.

You are free to port this prototype to other projects/languages and/or make a GUI application out of it. No license is attached and no crediting is necessary.


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Here is an updated version that supports the new features of 1.10.0, including the new relay servers: