Netplay on 3DS


first of all, thanks for the great job already done!!

Then I have a question,

Do you think netplay will be once available on 3ds version of retroarch ?

I tried All NES core on it but even if in system information I can see an IP and in configuration i can see netplay options, netplay menu option where you can set if you join or host never show.

May be it’s already ok and I don’t know how to use it. In this case please help.


So I found by myself a solution.

  • First a of all you have to use a nightly build (the 2023-09-11 works for sure), as the stable release never worked for me.
  • I used QuickNES core to play NES games but it should works with others.
  • 3ds has to be client and not server
  • To enable 3ds netplay menu you have to go to : Settings->User Interface->Menu visibility (or something like that)->enable netplay.
  • In netplay network setting check that both console use the same port (not the case for vita and 3ds for instance).

Then you should be ok