Netplay Peer is running a different core

Trying to use netplay locally. I have an android device, running one instance, and a laptop running the second instance.

I start the same game from the android device, and start hosting the game. Then i try and connect to that netplay session (just using the local IP) from the laptop using the same core (the name of the core and crc is the same) and the same game, and I get the following error:

[ERROR] A netplay peer is running a different core. Cannot connect.

Is it not possible to do netplay between differerent OS’s / systems?

cross-platform is definitely do-able. Are you using the v1.9.0 stable? If so, it had a problem that broke netplay for some people with exactly this error, so you may try nightly builds instead.

Thanks, I’ll try that eventually. It looks like there’s issues with the buildbot currently, the OSX builds are broken (the dmg file is much too small, and then when you try and run it, the OS says it’s damaged).