Netplay with FinalBurn NEO - 4 players and 2 cabinet

Hello, I have correctly configured 2 cabinets so that up to 4 players can play simultaneously, sharing two controllers per station. For simplification, we will therefore have Cabinets A and B.

In the Retroarch configuration I set the following values.

Cabinet A:

netplay_request_device_p1 = “true”

netplay_request_device_p2 = “true”

network_remote_enable_user_p1 = “true”

network_remote_enable_user_p1 = “true”

Cabinet B:

netplay_request_device_p3 = “true”

netplay_request_device_p4 = “true”

network_remote_enable_user_p3 = “true”

network_remote_enable_user_p4 = “true”

Everything is working fine with many games (eg DynaBlaster, Captain Commando). On station A, if I press 5 or 6 on the keyboard it puts the credits to the 1st and 2nd player. On station B, if I press 5 and 6 on the keyboard it puts credits to the 3rd and 4th player.

The problem occurs on some games. I tried different configurations, fiddling with the dipswitches or the service mode, to set the individual or common coin. On station A, if I pressed key 5 or 6, I correctly gave credit to the 1st or 2nd player. While this time, on station B, if I pressed key 5 or 6, nothing happened. The fact is that from station A, I cannot make him share key 5 on station B, so that at least, if I set the common credit on the dipswitches, at least station B is able to insert the credit, without station A having to do it. Is there any trick to set up?

I hope you understand what I mean, because it is not very easy to explain.


Don’t you think something important is missing here ?

I’ll give you an example with some games where this problem happens.

  1. Blazing Tornado ( Run FinalBurn on my PC, I noticed that this game does not have the coin keys for the 3rd and 4th player. So the same thing happens on the two cabinets, after having established the connection between them via LAN. On cabinet A (which acts as a server), pressing the 5 or 6 keys and the credits are inserted. Now on the cabinet B (which acts as a client), being configured as 3rd and 4th player, there is no possibility to insert credit. Is there a system to “share” this key 5, of the 1st player of cabinet A, on cabinet B? Because if it were possible, cabinet B would be able to insert credits, without them being inserted each time by cabinet A.

Thanks, I hope it’s clearer now.

Just to clarify something : on the arcade cabinet, there isn’t 1 coin mecanism per player, instead there are 2 coin mecanisms for adding credits common to all 4 players. So, in fbneo, since there are 2 coin mecanisms, they are arbitrarily assigned to the first 2 controllers.

No, there is no way in retroarch to assign a controller’s input key to another controller, so P1/P2 must insert coins for P3/P4.