New CRTswitch possibilities with NVIDIA!

Hi all

I thought I would share this video with you. With the addition of my new porch algorithm and 31khz 240p support. It is now possible to use Nvidia Graphics cards to display true 240p. Not superwide resolutions but true 320x240.

This now opens the doors to the many people that own Nvidia GPUs and or Nvidia powered laptops that want to play old games in their true resolution.

Check out the video and let me know what you think.


Pretty cool.

You still needed special video cards or particular older AMD ones before, right?

The way things stand at the moment. Needing particular model cards might be going out the window.

With 15khz ATI and Intel work flawlessly. I’ve not done any Nvidia testing with 15khz yet.

With 31khz ATI , Intel from second gen through 5th gen and Nvidia all work great at 31khz.

I will shortly be testing a 1050ti with both 15 and 31khz soon. I’m expecting good results.


This is amazing. Will this work on Windows?

Not currently. However, I’m in talks with Calamity about dynamic modelines. So in the future it might be possible.

There’s a chance that custom resolution utility might be able to install the modelines, making it possible. I don’t trust the app to much though. I lost all my resolutions using it lol

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Ah ok, no worries. Would I be able to dual-boot with Linux to use this? Might be able to salvage an old PC to run it on, but if I can avoid that extra hassle it’d be great (it’s stuck up at the back of the attic somewhere!)

Yeah, you can duel boot with ease. Especially with ubuntu. Or to save editing you current OS hard drive, use a second one. Then depending in your bios you press F12 for the boot device menu to choose Linux. I’m trying to get this compiled with Lakka so soon you’ll be able to just boot a thumb drive straight into RetroArch :sunglasses:

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Awesome. I just managed to get hold of a completely un-used CRT monitor, and can’t wait to give this a go.

I don’t know how i did it, but i made it work with intel integrated graphics with optimus. you’re doing an excellent job guys!.

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Could you provide me with a tutorial? I’m connecting my i5 7600K IGP on a CRT, but can’t do 240p, only resolutions starting from 640x480 ):