NEW CRTSwitchRes options - screen centering and more


Ok so, I have removed the overscan that has been prominent in super resolutions.

Added x-axis centering, repossion your screen if the core or your CRT is off position.

Added new dynamic super widths. This uses a pixel clock algorythm to create a resolution that is closer to native than normal super resolutions.

Check out the video.

This has not all been merge yet. Just waiting on the last few changes.

As usually you can get it from my Git or use my auto install script for Linux.


This dynamic super-res will only work with linux right? 'cause I know we have to do specific resolutions in Windows.

I’m also curious about the 31khz 60/50hz setup. I’ve not been able to get my monitor to display these low resolutions at 60hz, so I’m intrigued on how that would work; or is that going to be a linux-only feature?

Anyway, always, always a pleasure to see what you produce. <3


Yes, at the moment. I will be porting this to windows. However, this involves editing the registry on the fly as well. So, it’s not that simple and if not done correctly it will completely mess thing up.

So in worth a the Linux goodies will come to windows at some point.