New emulator cores to come?

I’ve been wondering if there are new emulator cores in the works or planned for the future.

A few of which I would like to see for

  1. RPG Maker VX/VXace 2 RPG Maker MV
  2. core for Ren’py (It’s been around since 2004!) Probably a few free-ware/abandonware games for it at this point. One free one that I know off is “Game Development with Kevin and Ben”
  3. WolfRPG
  4. Flash Games - example would be “Pico’s School” that same guy who appeared in the new Friday Night Funky beat game
  5. Arcades systems that are not even on MAME or FBN

As for Ren’py it has support for most platforms we use now, I think it even has some limited Raspberry Pi 4 hardware support.