New PCSX2 Core

is it possible to download the new pcsx2 core which is on the same level as the standalone pcsx2 Can only download LRPS2 core.


We’ll make it available when it’s ready to use. Hopefully soon, but no ETA.


This would me my dream. Shaders are the main reason why I’m not using the standalone PCSX2, even though the work they’re doing over there is crazy with so many updates and tweaks, which is so impressive. I just need it on RA so I can use every shader on my favorite console, cause the current core is quite buggy on almost all the games I play.

I didn’t know this existed. If it turns out good it will be huge. Dolphin and PCSX2 are currently the 2 major cores that have big enough problems to not be preferable over the standalones. So this will close one big gap.

Also, i see “Stenzek authored” comments in the commits. Does that mean they are in good relationship with RA devs now? That would be awesome.

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Nope. The core is just based on open-source code.

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Is there any way I could use this new core at the moment : p?

If you can build it yourself, sure.

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Oh, yeah that’ll be way out of my league.

I just read librerto in there and thought it was for RA and I just need to convert it or something.

Thanks for clarifying that, I hope it soon comes to RA!


What’s the status of this core? Is the new code available already in the updater?

There’s definitely a recent change because now RetroArch doesn’t get stuck in the background after you exit a game. That was the core’s main issue for a while.

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AFAIK, no. The consistency of the stuck process was reduced awhile back but I think it still happens sometimes.

The new core should be available before too long. Hopefully soon but I don’t know any ETA.


I was thinking about this today. Hoping it comes soon and I wish the people working on it all the best : p


I just Tried that but Still Crashes for me

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It crashes or it gets stuck after exiting?

I can Exit Fine but start a New PS2 Game and it Freezes/Stuck and says Not Responding

Hmmm, do you exit the game without closing RA?

If i just use “close content” after i load a PS2 game, without closing RA itself, the next game will freeze yeah. So that’s still a problem.

However, if i also close RA i can load more PS2 (or other system) games after the first PS2 game. This is how i usually do it since i’m running RA through frontends that close it completely after i exit any game.

Now, RA used to get stuck in the background even after i was closing it completely with a PS2 game loaded. So the next time i would try to open it, it would also not respond. But now it seems like this is fixed (on my end). I tried it 10 times in a row and RA doesn’t get stuck in Task Manager. So at least this part of the problem seems fixed.


No I don’t exit Retroarch and then Try Again without Exiting and it Crashes.

It worked when I got right out of RA and then Loaded it back up.

Can use other Cores without Exiting but just does it with PS2 Core


I have the same issue with the Citra core also.

Knowing is half the battle. Thankfully the issue is irrelevant if you are using a third party front end.


if it would only start and not crash when a shader presets is active ^^ both cores only load for me if none is active at launch

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