New swapping disc method does not work on Beetle PSX

I created a .m3u file containing my 4 .cue files for Final Fantasy IX and my game save is at disc 2. I load the .m3u file in Beetle PSX and when I load my save game, the game tells me to switch to disc 2. I open the RA menu, go to Disc Management -> Eject Disk -> Chose disk number 2 and click Insert Disk. I wait a few seconds and even so, the game tells me I’m using the wrong disk, no matter what I do.

Try loading the cue files instead of the m3u.

Yes, loading the cue files individually works, but then you lose all the benefits of m3u files…

Have you tried to confirm after switching disc? [X] on the controller (the Retropad B button)

Yes, it says “Insert Correct Disc !” no matter what…

Are you sure that your *.cue and the entries in the *.m3u matches? Upper lower case, space, brackets … Are the *.cue file entries correct?

If this doesn’t solve the problem than we need a log.

I have latest buildbot RetroArch and updated cores (but can use only the software render of the HW core)
Final Fantasy IX (PAL) self-dumped and working. (I don’t think that it is a NTSC/PAL problem though)

The .cue name files are copy-pasted in the m3u file so it is correct. The .cue files are correct because they work on their own…

Ok, wanted to be 100% sure, no hard feelings :slight_smile:

[UPDATE] Currently i am playing Parasite Eve II (USA) and encountered the same problem as @Tromzy

9 times out of 10 the disc swapping doesn’t work (sometime without changing anything it works).
I tested with other games and they all work fine (Final Fantasy IX PAL, Suikoden 1&2 USA and PAL [i made a *.m3u for those to have one memory card for both]…)

Parasite Eve II (USA) disc swapping is working when i use the windowed menu but not if i use the RA GUI: pe2

I’m running into the same problem with Final Fantasy VII using Beetle PSX It refuses to work when swapping through the XMB, but swapping from the system menu works (Command > Disk Options).

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