New update flycast

Atomiswave rom bin very lag and crash some game wrong system !


This is because the old Naomi converted atomiswave bin format games are no longer supported. Just use the corresponding rom from name romset and you will be fine

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Mame romset “”, throws me back to cores selection, where it asks me to choose any core other than flycast. Do i need to unzip the rom? (probably not…)

Be sure to download the corresponding chd besides the game zip. Chd should be allocated inside a folder, that folder named as the game zip and the folder allocated at same folder as game zip. For example: D:\mame\roms\ D:\mame\roms\cvs2\nameofchd.chd


Where i can download ???

File CHDs ?? Where is download ??? Pleee

Please don’t ask for links for ROMs.

hello friends, i want to rebuild a romset for naomi and atomiswave games(by using CMP). Which DAT-File can i use for newest flycast?

Where do I download flycast for BeOS 5?