New Vulkan PSX Renderer Released!

Mednafen/Beetle-PSX-libretro now has a Vulkan renderer capable of increased internal resolution, PGXP precision enhancement and more. You can check out the blog post explaining some technical background on the new features here:

Runs well for me on Intel Skylake, make sure to use ‘memory only’ option for PGXP to avoid glitches.

I’m just wondering if it is worth using a ‘heavy’ shader like crt-royale with Beetle PSX, now that the emulator by default gives decent upscaling and interpolation for 2D and 3D?


I just created a Vulkan Renderer Graphical Bug Compilation Thread (Similar to the GL renderer thread):

Awesome. :slight_smile: Too bad I can’t get Vulkan working on KMS/DRM on Linux.

Yeah, Vulkan and KMS are mutually exclusive. There’s a KMS-type thing you can do with Vulkan but we don’t support it yet. Hopefully someday, though.

I can’t get most games in my collection to start up with this new renderer. After extensive testing, I figured out why, and it makes absolutely no sense. For some reason, when using the Vulkan renderer, games in bin/cue format can’t even get past the bios due to a multitude of “Bad Sector?” errors that don’t appear in software or GL mode. But games in ccd/img format work no problem. In fact the very same game with the very same redump-matching bin/img file, differing only in using a cue or ccd to load it, worked as a ccd/img but not as a bin/cue.

Is this a known issue I failed to read? Is this working for anyone else? I’m completely baffled.

That’s weird. I’m not having that experience at all. My bin/cues are still working just fine.

whats the minimum gpu for vulkan features used? gt 7xx series above and amd hd 77xx series?

Yeah, anything post-Fermi (that is, not including Fermi) should work for Nvidia. AMD is supposed to be 77xx but this does not include the 7770s, which I have >.>

not 7770? then probably R9’s at least. ok thanks. you probably running linux with your 7770 right? since its says not supported yet in wiki

I’m running Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit. Just compiled the latest from git, and still having issues. Also grabbed the latest version from the core updater and got the same results.

New information! If I start the game through RetroArch’s menus, bin/cues don’t work on Mednafen PSX HW Vulkan. However, if I start via the terminal and specify core and bin/cue on the command line, they work. Seems the issue is in RetroArch itself and not the core, and most likely just my build. I’m running latest git master. Do I need to specify any build parameters or upgrade/downgrade/switch branches to work around this?

EDIT: I’m using the xmb frontend if that changes anything.

(Sorry for the little off-topic)

Is this relevant ?

Possibly. We’re not going to use any weird Nvidia-only stuff, since we got burned on that once before (Cg framework getting deprecated >.>), but if they’re using something industry-standard…